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MACSi Project

The MACSi Project is a developmental robotics project based on the iCub humanoid robot. It is funded an as ANR Blanc project from 2010 to 2012.

The MACSi Project

Technical informations needed to run iCub in ISIR Lab

If you have your own pc-desktop or laptop and you want to install all the software you need for developing, running the simulator, and eventually test your applications on the robot, you may need to look at the iCub Manual. Just follow the instructions! If you need a more "verbose" guide to the installation, read here.

A list of the steps needed to run the robot is available and updated as often as possible:

  • current configuration: here
  • new configuration (work in progress): here

iCub diary

If you want to know what happened to the iCub during these years, you can read this page.


  • ICT 2008. iCub meets its cousin from IIT in Lyon