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The desktop we use as "console" to interact with iCubParis01 is macsi03, with two desktop monitors and audio speakers. There is the possibility to use as consoles also macsi01 and macsi04, but since there is only one monitor for them, it is better to use macsi03 only.

Power supply

We have two power supplies: the one on top (small) for the pc104, the one on bottom (big) for the motors. To switch on the power supplies, first activate the black switch on the right in the table (the one next to the green led). You can then switch on each power supply. Carefully look at the values of voltage and current in the image below: these values must be the ones you see when you switch on the robot. If you see other values, contact Serena immediately to verify that the values are correct for using iCub. The power supplies have many buttons on their front, please do not touch them: pay attention. When the power supplies are on (they are very noisy, so you know when they are on), the iCub is still not powered. To switch things on, you must use the big switch box (see picture - green circle). There is a switch for the pc104 and one for the motors - there is a label on the switch so check it to be sure before you turn on/off the switches. Next to the switches there is also a fault box with a red button (a red mushroom - see the red circle in the picture). This button is a safety measure to deactivate the motor commands to the robot when the robot is doing dangerous movements. Pay attention!! If the box accidentally falls, the switch will activate autonomously as a safety measure - if this happens while the iCub is moving, the iCub will "fall" and this can be extremely dangerous for the robot and the human interacting with it! So if you're using the iCub put the fault button in a "stable" position.

the setup of iCubParis01

iCub: manipulation/HRI configuration

iCubParis01 is usually mounted on a fixed support base (blue circle), fixed to the robot by 4 screws (front side of the support) and a cylinder blocked by a metal element (lateral part of the bottom torso). A big black cable connects the iCub to the power supply system and the ethernet network of its cluster. The cable must, of course, never be removed from iCub. The fixed support is ideal for manipulation, HRI and learning experiments which do not involve the legs.

iCub: balance configuration

When we do experiments involving balance, the iCub can stay on the ground without falling, but in this case it must be safely connected to a mobile litfing device through cables. The ones we use are simple cables used in climbing and were bought in the shop "Le vieux Campeur" (rue des Ecoles, in front of Sorbonne). They have to be put in the first hole in the outer metal part of the shoulder mechanical group, which does not move during the iCubInterface calibration procedure. Once the cable is inserted in the shoulder, a strong double knot must be done on the cables, and the cables must be anchored to the lifting device (see picture). On the desktop of macsi03 there is a PDF file explaining how to make the knots to tie the cable in a safe way.