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To shut down iCub in a nice way, follow these steps.

  • Close all the modules that you are using. Be sure that by interrupting your modules iCub will not suddenly stop and it won't be shocking for him.
  • Stop all motions. If iCub stopped in a weird configuration, far from its resting pose, then use the robotMotorGui to put it in a nice configuration: do not do "home all" directly, but try to move the joints in a safe way.
  • Stop all iKinCartesianSolvers and iKinGazeController
  • Stop wholeBodyDynamics
  • As a precaution, do a yarp clean
  yarp clean --timeout 0.5
  • Now go to the pc104, and do CTRL+C on the shell where you launched the iCubInterface. The iCubInterface often complains two/three times before shutting down services properly, so don't worry if it takes a while.
  • When the iCubInterface is finished, in macsi03 stop yarprun in the pc104.
  • Then go back in the shell of the pc104, and shutdown the pc104
  sudo shutdown


The remote shell on the pc104 will close automatically when the pc is down.

  • Now turn off the motors and the pc104 - by turning the two switches in the box next to the power supplies.
  • iCub is down!
  • Perform a yarp clean again, because many ports could be still pending.
  • Now go to the GUI for managing yarp (the one where you launch yarp on the machines) and "stop" yarprun on all machines.
  • In the GUI, stop yarpserver.