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Before using iCub, you need to start yarp.

Checking the machines

  • check first if the desktop computer named icubsrv is running: it should be, there's an explicit "never shutdown this pc" warning on it
  • if it is not started yet, start the desktop macsi03 (the black one next to the big table)
  • on macsi03 you should see a GUI for managing yarp on the cluster, like this:


if you don't see it, then launch the script on the desktop:

 sh Desktop/launchApplicationGUIs.sh

this would open many GUIs, among them the one you are looking for.

Start yarp on icubsrv

  • look at the icub cluster GUI: if there are green ticks this means there's an old yarpserver or yarprun still working on; in this case, it is better to stop them and restart them all. hence, stop the machines first (selecting the corresponding checkboxes and then clicking "stop selected"). then as a precaution, open a terminal and perform a
  yarp clean --timeout 0.8

to eventually clean pending ports. then stop the yarpserver clicking on its stop button.

  • start yarpserver first by clicking on the corresponding start button
  • if the tick is green, yarpserver is running. You can double check by opening a terminal and typing:
 yarp detect --write 
 yarp name list

Start yarp on the pc104

  • give power to the table (switch next to green led on the top right of the table)
  • start the power supplies: top and bottom. wait few seconds.
  • give power to the pc104 of the robot first, turning on the green switch named "pc104": the pc104 will start booting
  • wait for approximately 2 minutes, until the current consumption on the pc104 power supply is stable and around 1.8A (there is a peak of current during the boot of pc104)
  • in the desktop of macsi03, click in the shortcut in the top bar, named "login to pc104"


The shortcut is in fact the small button in the shape of a man in a blue circle. This launches a remote shell (connected via ssh) to the pc104. If the shell does not open or asks for password, the pc104 is not ready yet. Wait few seconds: since it attempts to login automatically without asking password, when you see a pc104 shell it's ready and we can proceed. You should now see a shell like this:


  • go back to the cluster GUI, check the box relative to pc104 and click on the button to launch yarprun on the pc104. If you need to start the other machines as well, then you can do this step together with the following instructions.

Start yarp on the other machines

  • in the same GUI, select the machines you need, or all of them (the minimum configuration is macsi03), and click on the button "Run selected" to launch yarpruns in the selected machines. This is equivalent of doing:
  yarprun --server /macsi0x

for all the machines - except that it is done automatically. If something doesn't work probably the ssh authorization keys are not working - tell Serena.

  • check if everything is green and working. as always, you can open a terminal and type
 yarp detect --write 
 yarp name list

to check if servers have been opened. If this is the case, you should see a list of ports for all the machines you selected.

If you did everything correctly, you should now have a cluster GUI appearing like that: