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If you already started yarp , the pc104, calibrated iCub with the iCubInterface... then you can start launching more stuff on iCub.

Running modules

  • You can easily use the GUIs to launch standard applications and modules. They are started with the script:
 sh Desktop/launchApplicationGUIs.sh

This in particular will launch many GUIs, one for the cluster management that you already used for launching yarp, one for pre-programmed speech sequences, then one with MACSI applications (the ones in $MACSI_ROOT/app) and one that is the gyarpmanager for iCub applications (loads by default the ones in $ICUB_ROOT/app).

the gyarpmanager


In the gyarpmanager you can select a module, click right, then run it and connect the created ports. Some buttons (green/red) will also help you. In the old system based on python GUIs, you can click and have a bigger GUI where the operations "run","connect" are more clear.

  • To launch modules from your laptop, you must first connect your laptop to the iCub switch (16 doors, big one), the server dhcp will give you a dynamic IP 10.0.0.x. Then connect YARP to the iCub network, doing:
  yarp namespace /iCubParis01
  yarp conf 10000

Sometimes, it is just sufficient to do

  yarp namespace /iCubParis01
  yarp detect --write

If you launch your modules using a GUI, remember to start your yarprun node only after connecting to the yarpserver

  yarprun --server /myNode

Important!! since 10/2011 we are using yarpserver3, so be sure you have the most recent version of yarp in your pc if you are connecting to the icub from yours and not from one of the pc of the cluster!

Gaze and Cartesian interfaces

  • In gyarpmanager, select the iCubStartup XML (see figure).
  • For the gaze interface, it is sufficient to run iKinGazeCtrl.
  • For controlling reaching and tracking in the Cartesian space, you need to run iKinCartesianSolver for the limbs you need.

Force control, impedance and compliance modules

  • if you are planning to do some compliant control, don't forget to start the wholeBodyDynamics module. in the app-list, choose the wholeBodyDynamics.xml GUI, then start the whole body module. wait for some seconds, click on "update", and wait for ports to become green/available. then click on "connect ports".
  • to check that the module started correctly, check its output (in a shell): if it computes the offsets of the FT sensors at the beginning, it means it's stuck. Tell Serena. If everything seems fine, just open a robotMotorGui

and check that in arms and legs for the first 4 joints the estimated joint torques are displayed (and changing a little bit - noise - even if the robot is still).

Face expressions

  • you can enable face expressions by running the pc104 module commanding the led inside the iCub cover. Of course, if the cover is removed, this is useless. in the app-list, choose the FaceExpression.xml GUI then run and connect.
  • in macsi03, on the Desktop, there are some pre-programmed sh scripts which cycle all the facial expressions
  sh Desktop/cycleFacialExpressions.sh
  sh Desktop/cycleFacialExpressionsHappy.sh