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Starting cameras

  • Start iCub using the procedure described in the 'start iCub' page
  • in the icub-app list, select the GUI called cameraCalibrationAll.xml, then run all modules, and connect


Camera parameters

The cameras parameters can be set using the framegrabber GUI.

Suggested parameters for experiments and demos

  • Left eye for Red-Ball demo
  shutter     0.665
  brightness  0.583
  gain        0.413
  exposure    0.027
  sharpness   1.000
  hue         0.480
  saturation  0.436
  gamma       0.400
  iris        1.000

History of params

  • 2011-06-30: experiments Serena & Jean-Philippe
  shutter     0.876
  brightness  0.373
  gain        0.161
  exposure    0.190
  whitebal R  0.368
  whitebal B  0.681
  sharpness   0.945
  hue         0.481
  saturation  0.446
  gamma       0.446
  iris        0.554
  format      640x480
  fps         30
  iso         400

BallTracker and 3D Reprojection

Start cameras

Start iCub and cameras with cameraCalibrationAll.xml (see above)

Launch BallTracker

Start balltracker.xml, run modules and connect

Several windows are created to tune parameters according to the ball to track.

  • Window "Mask - Sat/Val" : tune parameters to keep the entire ball in white, while having the most of the background in black
  • Window "Raw hue filter" : tune the hue being tracked to have the ball lighter than everything else (do not worry about the lights, they should be filtered by previous mask). Try to have the biggest contrast between ball and background
  • Window "Pre-threshold" : tune to make most of background black and keep only the ball
  • Window "Post-treshold" : adjust the threshold if you did not succeed in keeping only the ball visible in previous step

3D Reprojection

If you tuned correctly the balltrackers (for each camera), the 3D position of the ball should be broadcasted on /ReprojectionModuleName/pos:o