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Preliminary remark

  • You can suppose that any script which is on CVS is common to all iCubs and thus can be started from $ICUB_ROOT/app/default/scripts.
  • Only the config files are specific to your robot and are not supposed to be on CVS.
  • Please check if no reparations in progress on the robot before starting it.
  • The router settings should not be changed : router : icubsrv = icub_computer = Dell laptop : iCub@ISIR = PC104 : icub04 = Big computer

Boot and start up

  • Switch on the power supplies verifying the connections behind as seen in the figures.
The first "demo" in the lab.
The first "demo" in the lab.

  • Tune the voltage and current to 12 Volts and 9 Ampers for the 1400W power supply, [S/D, Standby switch] : off.
  • Tune the voltage and current to 24 Volts and 12 Ampers for the 2800W power supply, [S/D, Standby switch] : off.
  • To verify the current/voltage, use the OVP/VI button.
  • Switch on the laptop (icubsrv) and run : "yarp server &"
  • Run : "yarp detect --write" in a terminal to search for the YARP name server (just to check)
  • Switch on the CPU : current consumption around 1.8A. The PC104 boots. Wait for approximately 2 min (there is a peak of current).
  • On yarp server (usually the laptop), connect through ssh to the PC104 (also constantly ping the PC104 to make sure the network is good). Use the icon to do that (ssh pc104 -X). The required software should be mounted at boot from the icusrv laptop to the PC104. The mounted files are in /exports/code-pc104. If the password is needed, the files will no be mounted.
  • Run "yarp run --server /pc104" on the pc104.
  • In "/opt/iCub/main/app/default/scripts" run "./manager.py /opt/iCub_isir/sicard/utils/app-start.xml" to manage modules


  • Switch on actuators with Emergency button in SAFE position.

"iCubInterface --config /usr/local/src/robot/iCub/app/iCubParis01/conf/icub.ini" :

      -> calibrates the robot, the robot should be close to its 0 configuration, the Emergency Button has to be released from the SAFE position

  • Encoders reading and joint space control can be done graphically using this program :
  "robotMotorGui" launched from this directory : $ICUB_ROOT/src/gui/robotMotorGui.

  • Once calibration is done, test the robot, axis after axis. For each axis, take care of moving the slider not too far its first position to avoid high position jump.

Deprecated :

  • A safe way to start is first to check encoder readings for each axis (this requires a calibration using icubRaw.ini or icubSafeNoCalib.ini).
  • For robot calibration, launch these scripts (depending on how you want to calibrate) :
  "iCubInterface --config /usr/local/src/robot/iCub/app/iCubParis01/conf/icubRaw.ini" :
      ->  ok for encoders reading only
  "iCubInterface --config /usr/local/src/robot/iCub/app/iCubParis01/conf/icubSafeNoCalib.ini" :
      -> ok for manual calibration through robotMotorGui


  • The cameras and viewers can be started launching this other script on icubsrv : "$ICUB_ROOT/app/default/scripts/cameras start"
  • If connexion to the cameras does not work, you can start this script : "dragonfly-local start" on the pC104. You should get relevant info related to the origin of the problem.
  • Another solution is to launch the framegrabber in this way : "yarpdev --device grabber --subdevice dragonfly" and see what it says.
  • To "close" the cameras and viewers in a proper manner : "$ICUB_ROOT/app/default/scripts/cameras stop"
  • Viewers can be created manually : "yarpview /leftEye" and connect it to the associated yarp port "yarp connect /icub/cam/left /leftEye"
  • Run "huecalibconf" to modify the hue of the robot's cameras
  • In "/opt/iCub_isir/koch/stereorectification/build/" run "./stereorectifcation params.xml"

or you can also

  • run a module named guitch : run "yarp run --server /guitch"


  • In "/home/icubuser/iCub/main/app/default/scripts" run "./manager.py ~/svn_icub_isir/software/utils/Expression_distance.xml " to run only the head and the cameras.


Some basic demos can be launched using the following program :

 "iCubDemoY3 --positions /usr/local/src/robot/iCub/app/demoY3/fullBody.txt"

Icub learn

  • Run "grasp_interface" in bin.

Run "./manager.py /opt/iCub_isir/sicard/build/utils/app-demoiCub.xml" in "/opt/iCub/main/app/default/scripts"


  • Run



in build

Acknowledgments: Camille Salaun, Guillame Sicard