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See the Simulator README for how to use the facve expressions in the simulator

Also, there are two design specifications in the iCub document repository called:



Although it should be noted that the details (e.g. port names, port numbers, bit mapping order etc.) are out of date in those documents.

Using Face Expressions on the iCub an Simulator

These details are taken directly from the README.txt in the directory $ICUB_DIR/app/face_expressions.

0. Give permissions 777 to /dev/ttyACM0: (ROBOT ONLY)

  sudo chmod /dev/ttyACM0

1. Launch the low level driver: (ROBOT ONLY)


It will open the ports:


that stream the raw serial port commands.

2. Launch the emotions interface (ROBOT/SIMULATOR)


It will open the ports


3. Connect the two modules (ROBOT/SIMULATOR)


4. Now you can rpc to the port "/icub/face/emotions/in" and send high level commands. (ROBOT/SIMULATOR)

       set mou <cmd>   -  set an expression in the mouth subsystem
       set eli <cmd>   -  set an expression in the eye-lids subsystem
       set leb <cmd>   -  set an expression in the left eyebrow subsystem
       set reb <cmd>   -  set an expression in the right eyebrow subsystem
       set all <cmd>   -  set an expression in the whole system

The several <cmd> are described in file emotions.ini. You can define your own.

5. You can also send raw commands to the low level driver. (ROBOT/SIMULATOR) Eg.

       set raw S04
       set raw L03
       set raw R05
       set raw M04