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(Working groups)
(Working groups)
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* [[VVV09 visual attention]]
* [[VVV09 visual attention]]
* [[Walking group]]
* [[Walking group]]
* [[VVV09 Cognitive Architecture Group]]
== Day 4 (Thursday) ==
== Day 4 (Thursday) ==

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Welcome to the 4th RobotCub Summer School, VVV09!

To edit this and other page, you'll need a username/password. Username: VVV09. Password: the first word in the name of the town in which the school will take place; all lower case; “s****i”.

Got nice photos? Please post them / link to them at VVV09 Photos.

Working groups

Day 4 (Thursday)

  • Obligatory server outage.
  • Group update, around midday... or the afternoon.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Day 1 (Monday)

  • Settle in, visit RobotCub meeting if you like.
  • Add yourself to the VVV09 Participants, for self-introductions to the group tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • VVV09 Ideas - please add or vote for project, group, and tutorial suggestions.
  • If you want to use the iCub, talk to Alessandro and Ugo. When needed, we'll have a scheduling page for allocating robot time, VVV09RobotScheduling.

Just starting...

Practical issues

  • Some laundry advice from last year's participants, don't know if this is still valid: laundry service 8Kg of clothes to wash and dry in 1 hour for 7 euro (soap is free), click here for directions from Hotel Mira
    • Verified by Noemi--it's still there. Wash is 4 euro for up to kg, plus 1 euro for soap. Dry is 3 euro.
  • Telefone Cards for international calling can be bought at tabacco shops (the shops with the big black & white "T" outside). Usually you get 500min talking for 5€. But this is just a theoretical value, as international calls are more expensive and they cut some minutes for each connection.