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Please add to the VVV10_Pictures!

Additional information

  • We need to know the number of people at dinner at "Polpo Mario" (nearby restaurant): please sign up here.

Day 7 (Sunday)

Attention: Strictly Unofficial Communication!

Day Time : 5 Terre

We are planning a sightseeing trip to 5 Terre. Its a set of 5 neighbouring villages, in beautiful seaside locations, and we would probably hike between them.

All of you are most "BENVENUTI"!

The tentative plan is to leave from Sestri Levante 10:33 am and reach 5 Terre. Considering conventional delays, we could have a rendezvous outside the Due Mari Hotel at 10:00 am. Please remember, the train is at 10:33 am from the Sestri Levante station (going towards Riomaggiore)

Those who are "IN" please put in your names below, so we can attempt to wait for you :)

  • 5Terre Sightseers
    • StramandinoliNUCCIA
    • Cristiano !Alessandro
    • Naveenone Kuppussududolupe
    • Onofrio "I like non alcoholic drinks"
    • Arne North man
    • Pa"O"lo
    • Bruno
    • Daniel

Night Time : Starcraft

We want to produce zerlings, zealots and tanks and let them have fun together ! So let's have a LAN party on Starcraft (we have the installation files) right after dinner ! People taking part to the battle :

    • Stéphane
    • Alexis
    • Frederico
    • Giacomo

What about some girls ? :p

Day 6 (Saturday), half day

Day 5 (Friday)

  • Scheduling tutorials VVV10 Tutorials:
    • Cartesian Interface in the morning at 11.30 (Ugo Pattacini)
    • YARP devices in the afternoon, after coffee.
  • Status page for the lego builders: VVV10 lego builders (We have some things finally working)
  • Other groups: making a status page is a good idea :-)
  • Remember you can suggest or offer tutorials VVV10 Tutorials

Day 4 (Thursday)

  • Scheduling tutorials VVV10 Tutorials:
    • iCub applications and automation tutorial at 3pm. (Lorenzo Natale)
  • Group update is scheduled at 11.30am (after the first coffee break). Please update Groups and experiments.

Remember you can suggest tutorials, add your suggestion to the tutorial page: VVV10 Tutorials

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • Scheduling tutorials: VVV10 Tutorials
    • 10am: Ros install, camera calibration, and detecting markers using artoolkit (Alexis Maldonado).
    • after afternoon coffee break: iDyn sorry, postponed! unknown date and time, but surely not wednesday morning!
  • Keep going with group formation: Groups and experiments
    • We'd like groups in formation to advertise themselves after lunch.
  • Vvv10 camera calibration

Day 1 (Monday)

Practical Issues

Welcome to the iCub Summer School 2010 wiki!

 For editing, you can ask for your own username/password (email 
 paulfitz@liralab.it) or use the username "vvv10" and password
 "s*str*" with the first star replaced with "e" and the last star
 replaced with "i".



Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.
We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things,
because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.