VVV10 Adaptive Strong Anticipation Duo

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Our goal is to implement a proof-of-concept for an online event segmentation (and adaptive strong adaptation) framework (for more details click here). The result should be the iCub following a ball (on a pendulum) with its head - thank you IIT guys for the colored ball!


  • Bruno Nery
  • Daniel Krieg


So far we managed to:

  • Track the ball using the camshiftplus module;
  • Control the head using the iKinGazeCtrl module to follow the output of the tracker (for a video click here);
  • Implement the Adaptive Strong Anticipation algorithm in C++ (thanks Jiuguang Wang for the Bogacki–Shampine method!);

Our current problem is:

  • The pendulum has a complicated dynamics (it depends on reference) - we'll build a set of ramps and see how it goes;