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[[Image:Ateam.jpg|right|200px|thumb|The A Team.]]
[[Image:Ateam.jpg|center|200px|thumb|The A Team.]]
Miscellaneous pictures.
Miscellaneous pictures.

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Fixing the robot

A picture of Davide and Marco repairing the wrist pronosupination. You can clearly read in Davide's face that the repair is not one of the simplest.

Just after installing the robot in the wonderful scenario of Sestri Levante, we realized that there was a problem with the left arm pronosupination (withe iCub). The problem is a known issue (see also this page) as reported in Chapter 16 of the iCub manual. Thanks to Marco and Davide (our technicians from the IIT), the problem will be fixed and the iCub will be upgraded with a brand new solution which should fix the issue.

Picture Galleries

Alexis' Gallery @ Flickr New pictures from Sunday!

Jiuguang's photos (scroll to the bottom)

Cem's gallery (Updated on 27.07.2010.)


4823379328_6ba23b1157_m.jpg 4829525175_d16fe67f03_m.jpg



The A Team.

Miscellaneous pictures.


Timelapse of the school on 24.07.2010