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Please write here ideas for tutorials!

If you can give a tutorial, just propose it here, and say when you can give it. People can ask for tutorials!

A tutorial idea: - perhaps a quick step-by-step to getting the cartesian controller working on the simulator. (probably everyone has this going now though)

A tutorial idea: - how to create devices/controllers using YARP, perhaps going through in details on how to do a comphensive design and implementation of YARP interface to other devices

Simple grammar based speech recognition with esmeralda

This tutorial takes place Tue morning at 11.00

In this tutorial I will show how to setup a speech recognizer configuration for the esmeralda speech recognizer. I will focus on a grammar based configuration. This type of configuration is often used in standard scenarios for example to enable a robot to understand certain commands including their variations.

Attention system (tentative)

This tutorial takes place Tue morning at 11.30

Depending on the progress of the vision group...

Anyone interested? Please sign up here... Giorgio ...

  • Kiril Kiryazov
  • Paolo Tommasino
  • Cem Karaoguz
  • Giacomo Spigler
  • paulfitz
  • Zenon
  • Fouzhan
  • Mandana

Cartesian Interfaces

This tutorial takes place Friday morning at 11.30

Hands-on the new cartesian features provided for iCub. We'll go through the following steps:

  • Make sure that IpOpt is installed correctly.
  • Overview of cartesian interface (robot and simulator).
  • Overview of gaze interface (robot and simulator).

Links from the tutorial:

iCub repository and build system

This tutorial took place Wednesday morning at 11.30am.


Writing iCub applications

This tutorial is scheduled for Thursday at 3pm.

Tired of typing yarp connect? This tutorial explained how to use yarprun and automate running applications. Slides: automation tutorial.


  • yarprun
  • iCub applications

Ros install, camera calibration, and detecting markers using artoolkit

Since camera calibration is a standard issue for computer vision, there are now some automated tools for the process. During this summer school, the lego-builders team will use the ones included in ROS.

Alexis can give a small tutorial on how to install ros and calibrate a camera using the utilities included. Afterwards, we will use the ar_pose package to detect the position of some markers. Estimated time: 30-60min depending on the amount of questions.

When? Tuesday 20. at 10:00am


  • ROS installation instructions
  • gscam : ROS Node for capturing images using gstreamer (works on many cameras). Documentation
  • camera_calibration: Part of the ROS image_pipeline. Tutorial
  • ar_pose: ROS Node for detecting AR-Toolkit markers. Documentation, examples, videos: here
  • patternMaker: If you need more Markers, get them from here

We will have a bridge pushing yarp images onto a ros topic to work on the robot.

Interested? write your name here:

  • Giacomo Spigler
  • Salomon
  • That sounds useful! - Damien
  • Kiril Kiryazov
  • Gauss Lee
  • Paolo Tommasino
  • Francesca Stramandinoli
  • (22 people ended up attending)


We've been developing a library for dynamics, which is the base for force, torque control and so on. Serena and Matteo can give a small overview of the library... anyone interested?

  • Jason Leake
  • Giacomo Spigler
  • Juan Victores
  • Paolo Tommasino
  • Alexis Maldonado
  • Cristiano Alessandro
  • Naveen Kuppuswamy
  • Salomon
  • Federico
  • Interesting! - Damien
  • Gauss Lee
  • Chris Larcombe
  • Robert Lowe

Ok we'll have a first introduction Tuesday 20th, in the afternoon (probably after coffee break). Since the library is quite big and there are a lot of things to say, it will probably be a very basic overview of the library, with code samples: we'll try to explain how the library works, hopefully. The code documentation is already available here, if you want to have a look at it! Have a look at the slides Media:idyn_tutorial_vvv10.pdf

Tutorials about using YARP interfaces to control the robot:

http://wiki.icub.org/iCub/dox/html/icub_motor_control_tutorial.html (basic position control)

http://wiki.icub.org/iCub/dox/html/icub_impedance_control_tutorial.html (torque/impedance interfaces)