VVV11 Pictures

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Please add photos or links to photos here.

  • Maxime's photo (few of them only ^^) :

Summer school building.jpg Beautiful summer school building

First bar.jpg First night, First bar, first meeting!

Installation.jpg Installation time

Birthday.jpg Happy birthday!

Cheers.jpg Cheers!

Starcraft.jpg The famous I3S3I (International Starcraft Summer School Veni Vedi Vici) tournament!

Group Pictures (low res). See link above for high resolution version.




  • A few photos taken with a crapy windows phone... Come one ! Doesn't have anybody something better ? o_O

Stéphane's Photos

  • First photos, just to fill in the page -Giacomo

5966202267_73e6f35065_b.jpg 5966758560_e8ac81096b_b.jpg 5966758470_a5e8c58baa_b.jpg