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  • Wiki public editing information: username "vvv12" and password "s*str*" with the first star replaced with "e" and the last star replaced with "i".

Day 10 (Friday)

  • Farewell dinner at Polpo Mario in Sestri Levante. Directions will be provided.
  • Click here for the menu.

Day 5 (Monday)

  • 10:00 - Group updates
  • 11:00 - Tutorial: cartesian & gaze interfaces (finally :) slides+code.
  • 15:00 - Basic overview of iKart (the mobile platform): Hw & Sw
  • 15:30 - iKart Navigation: YARP + ROS


  • No school on Sunday!! You can go to the beach or visit Cinque Terre .
  • ...or play Starcraft? See VVV11_Starcraft ==> What about playing League Of Legends for a change ? We can create a VVV ranked team :) About Starcraft we need the ISO, Kathrin ?

Day 4 (Saturday)

  • 10.15: Tutorial: The RFModule class
  • News for groups: on Monday morning there will be a "group update" session. We invite everyone/each group to give a short presentation on what is planning to do during the remaining days of the school.
  • School closes after lunch. Given today's weather you are welcome to stay.
    • People who have left missed the samouraï-cub (Check/Upload your pics here ;) )
  • Concert at the summer school venue! Free entrance for the students.

Seeking a Kinect

Mike Ciaraldi is seeking a Kinect to use during the summer school and possibly take home. UPDATE: Silvio has offered to buy one for me this weekend.

Day 3 (Friday)

Day 2 (Thursday)

  • Self introduction. Everybody's invited! (don't forget to add yourself to the page: VVV12 Participants)
  • 11.30 and 12.15 Tutorials: YARP basics and YARP image processing yarp-basics.zip
  • 15:00 Tutorial: EFAA, overview of the architecture
  • 16:30 Initial meeting of emoBot group

Day 1 (Wednesday)

Welcome to the school!

 For editing this wiki, you can ask for your own username/password (email 
 lorenzo.natale [AT] iit.it to get an account) or use the username "vvv12" and password
 "s*str*" with the first star replaced with "e" and the last star
 replaced with "i".

Courses/tutorials/events proposed by participants:

  • Beginner Course on how to start up working with the iCub robot and use the system for experiments/studies
  • VVV12/EFAA Working group related to the EFAA european project.

Here are summer schools from previous years:

Computer Information