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Please leave us your feedback so that we can improve the summer school next year. We appreciate if you could sign your message, but feel free to remain anonymous if you prefer to.

  • E.g. there should be more group updates during the ten days, possibly with slides and partial demos.
  • Giacomo: amazing Summer School, as always! Thanks to everybody!! :)
  • Stéphane: there should be more pro-activity from people. The competition idea by Lorenzo is great. Maybe some checks during the registration about the motivation of people to do not only mojitos/beach but also do crazy robotic!
  • Stéphane: Good atmosphere however! :)
  • Quite good organization and venue but the food was kind of terrible. Spare the guys that will come next year.
  • Giovanni: lovely venue and organization, great team of motivated people, thanks! I agree with the comment that there could be more intermediate updates to avoid work dispersion and increase co-operation.
  • Was quiet nice to see another robot(-framework) and a great atmosphere at the school (and after it ;))!