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Please let us know what you think of the school

This has been great as usual. I appreciated the quality of the tutorials/seminars in this edition.
Great students :) I liked the final presentations!
I learned a lot of new things about state-of-the-art robotics research using the iCub software and
the robot. The organizers (IIT team) were always ready to talk/help.
Everyone at the school was very nice to talk to and helpful. I made good friends from all over the
world. The tutorials were very good, a bit fast :). The talks were interesting.
The school location, the town Sestri Levante was very nice. Italy is a great country, and the food
is very good.
In my opinion the iCub robot is a masterpiece of engineering and also the software YARP/iCub is 
very nice (and there is still so much room for more development).
Veni Vidi Vici 2014 iCub Summer School was great!
The tutorials and the talks was very nice. The hotel and the meeting
rooms was very great, with a constructive and pleasant working relationship :-)
So thank you all very much !!