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  • Giorgio: I hope you liked the school as much as I did. See you next year... yes yes, there's going to be a vvv11.
  • Giacomo: Best VVV ever :P
  • Serena: my first iCub summer school .. really hope the first of many! I had so much fun, thanks to all!
  • Francesca: the iCub summer school was awesome!!! Thanks everybody..See you next year, hopefully..
  • Lorenzo: the iCub summer schools work out because every year we have great participants! Thank you all, see you at VVV11!
  • Pa"O"lissimo: When you mix: helpful,nice,fiendly and talent participants with a very suggestive italian location,the result is....an astonishing summer school...Thanks for all everybody! Suggestion: extend the duration of 2/3 days.
  • Zenon: thank you for organizing this great summer school and putting so much time and effort into it....so much to learn and so much fun at such an awesome spot! viva vvv for many more years to come!
  • Kiril: A lot of thanks to everybody who organized this wonderfull school. It was a so exciting and intereesting to comunicate with eveyone of the participants. See you all next year hopefully.