Vvv14 demos and final presentations

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Sign up here for final presentations and demos. We invite you to describe what you have done during the school, you can show a demo with the real robot or the simulator or a video or just a couple of slides.


File:WYSIWYD Pres VV14 novideos.pdf




MPC - Merge Point Clouds

Human Robot Interaction - Eye Tracking

Emergence of "Behaviors"

Self state/action/observation mapping through self experiences motivated by basic needs...

Visually guided grasping

File:Mihai Gansari Visual Guided Grasping v2.pdf

Floating base dynamics EKF (extended kalman filter)

We investigated the problem of estimating the state of a floating base rigid body. The results of this investigation are reported in this brief presentation File:EKFforDynamicalSystemsV2.pdf. The numerical experiments were conducted in matlab using nice EKF/UKF toolbox (EKF/UKF software website).

MexInterface to WBI Model

Incremental Learning applications on iCub using the GURLS++ package


The Torque Controller for the iCub Balancing On Single Support

Optimal control for iCub COM motion

Learning Visual Representations for Robotics