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[[Image:icub-binaries1.png|500px]] [[Image:icub-installer2.png|500px]] [[Image:icub-installer3.png|500px]]

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We distribute binary packages for YARP, iCub and all the dependencies required to compile them.

The latest releases of iCub and YARP are available for download. These packages also include all dependencies pre-compiled for specific compilers and take care of setting the environment appropriately (including the PATH).


  • Get the latest self-extracting iCub and YARP packages for Windows from: Downloads. Download the installers according to the compiler you use. If you are not a developer you can select any of the available packages.
  • Execute the YARP installer. Leave all options to default unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Execute the iCub installer.

  • Select options (leave all to default, unless you know exactly what you are doing)
  • Select installation directory (all dependencies and iCub will be installed in separate folders inside this directory)
  • Click next to complete the installation.