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* Lorenzo Natale
* Lorenzo Natale
* Paul Fitzpatrick
* Paul Fitzpatrick
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== Reaching Group ==
== Reaching Group ==

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Working groups for VVV07. We have 4 subgroups: one concentrating on reaching, one concentrating on attention, one where people do whatever they want, and one for those getting started with software and robotics.

Attention Group

Work with and develop modules related to attention (vision, hearing, gaze). Includes at least:

List of people:

  • Alexandre Bernardino
  • Jonas Ruesch
  • Manuel Lopes
  • David Vernon
  • Lorenzo Natale
  • Paul Fitzpatrick

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Reaching Group

Work with and develop modules related to reaching (arm, hands). Includes at least:


  • Nicola Greggio
  • Alexis Maldonado
  • Federico Ruiz
  • Micha Hersch
  • Lorenzo Natale
  • Francesco Nori
  • Torbjorn Dahl

Useful links:

Contrib Group

A collection of people working on more loosely integrated projects (drumming, simulators, personal PhD projects, etc).

  • Chris McCarthy (optical flow based navigation and time-to-contact estimation)
  • Lorenzo De Michieli (reaching and interface with webots software)
  • Vadim Tikhanoff (language acquisition)
  • Qiming Shen (sensorimotor map)
  • Hatice Kose-Bagci (drumming)
  • Sarah Degallier (drumming)
  • Micha Hersch (reaching, in collab. with reaching group)

Starter Group

A collection of people without specific projects in mind, perhaps learning robotics and the software tools for the first time. Can migrate to Contrib, Attention, or Reaching when comfortable.

  • Torbjorn Dahl
  • Sarah Degallier
  • Fernando Gamarra
  • Nicola Greggio