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Planned working groups for VVV07.

Attention Group

Work with and develop modules related to attention (vision, hearing, gaze). Includes at least:

List of people:

  • Alexandre Bernardino
  • Jonas Ruesch
  • Manuel Lopes
  • David Vernon

Reaching Group

Work with and develop modules related to reaching (arm, hands). Includes at least:


  • Alexis Maldonado
  • Federico Ruiz
  • Micha Hersch
  • Lorenzo Natale
  • Francesco Nori

Contrib Group

A collection of people working on more loosely integrated projects (drumming, simulators, personal PhD projects, etc).

  • Chris McCarthy (optical flow based navigation and time-to-contact estimation)
  • Lorenzo De Michieli
  • Vadim Tikhanoff
  • Qiming Shen (sensorimotor map)
  • Hatice Kose-Bagci (drumming)
  • Sarah Degallier (drumming)
  • Micha Hersch (reaching, in collab. with reaching group)

Starter Group

A collection of people without specific projects in mind, perhaps learning robotics and the software tools for the first time. Can migrate to Contrib, Attention, or Reaching when comfortable.

  • Torbjorn Dahl
  • Sarah Degallier
  • Fernando Gamarra
  • Nicola Greggio