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Please take documentation seriously. Writing good documentation helps other people (and yourself) to understand your code. It greatly increases the possibility that others will use your modules.

Writing the documentation

Use Doxygen to write the documentation. The minimal requirement is that you document modules and applications (see below). You should also document interface classes and methods.

We suggest you take some time to learn how to use Doxygen. Section 11.1 of the manual provide some guidelines for documenting your code.

The documentation is automatically parsed and posted here: http://wiki.icub.org/iCub.

Documenting modules and applications

We provide templates for documenting modules and applications.


Use this template: http://wiki.icub.org/iCub/main/dox/html/module_documentation.html

Copy and paste this template in your module's main.cpp (or equivalent). Your module will soon appear in the list of the iCub modules at http://wiki.icub.org/iCub.


Use this template: http://wiki.icub.org/iCub/main/dox/html/application_documentation.html

Copy and paste this template in a file called 'doc.dox, place this file in the main directory of your application (in $ICUB_ROOT/app). Your application will soon appear in the list of the iCub applications at http://wiki.icub.org/iCub.