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(Current topics)
(Current topics)
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== Current topics ==
== Current topics ==
* [[YARP MSYS and MinGW]]
* [[YARP and CMAKE]]
* [[YARP and CMAKE]]
* [[Modifying a YARP Driver]]
* [[Modifying a YARP Driver]]

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YARP is an open-source framework that supports distributed computation with an eye at robot control and efficiency.

To learn more about the philosophy of YARP you can see the paper:

 G. Metta, P. Fitzpatrick, L. Natale. YARP: yet another robot platform. 
 In the International Journal on Advanced Robotics Systems, Special Issue 
 on Software Development and Integration in Robotics. March 2006.
  Yarp article

And our full online documentation: Yarp documentation

We use this wiki to get a start on collaboratively documenting issues, which are then cleaned up and put into our formal documentation.

Current topics

General topics

Old topics

The content of these topics has made it to the official documentation, at least in some form.