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The current supported method for using YARP from C# is via SWIG. See:


Read the README in that directory. In the end you should have a project file. Compile it, it will generate a bunch of .cs files in the /generated_src directory.

Create the directory /YarpCS Open Visual Studio and start a new Classes Library project named YarpCS in /YarpCS.

From this project, remove the "Class1.cs" generated by visual studio and add all the .cs file generated by swig earlier.

Generate the solution.

It will product a file called YarpCS.dll, this is the dll that your CS project will reference.

Try to create a new project, click on add reference and add YarpCS.dll ; intellisense should give you access to Yarp.

Then to run this project you need to have the dll generated by SWIG in your path. This dll should by in /YARP_DIR/example/swig/Release and be called yarp.dll Either add this directory to your path, or move the dll in some place which is in your path.