ITALK modules

This is a list of modules developed in the ITALK project. More...


 AttentionSelection (version 2)
 The main manger for the IIT-CNR Y3 demo.
 This is a Test.
 This is a Test.
 Place here a short description of the module.
 This is a Test.
 This is a Test for creating a module for porting the evolutionary experiments on real robot.
 Evolution Process for iCub
 This module is an implementation of evolving neural networks with genetic algorithm for controlling the iCub.
 This module is a complete example on how to use WorldSim library to create a simulation.
 Module to save encoder data and derived percepts into a file (largely based on the DataDumper module written by Ugo Pattacini)
 A simple iCub controller for trajectory tracking.
 A simple iCub inverse kinematic solver.
 A data (pre-)processing module for sensorimotor-motivational and speech data.
 WorldSim Library
 This library contains classes for simulating physic world and robots.
 This module can be used to perform automatic speech recognition by exploiting the Sphinx-3 library.

Detailed Description

This is a list of modules developed in the ITALK project.

These are programs in the ./src directory. To add your own module to this list, use the instructions at Module Documentation.

For convenience, try to keep the module name the same as the directory it is placed in. If you've a good reason to do something different, of course you can do that too.

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