Anthony Truchet

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Serious Stuff

Our robot in 2005
  • Engineering studies (not finished yet) in France at the ENSTA (
  • Master in Cognitive Science in Paris (
  • Master internship in the AnimatLab ( : on potential computationnal models of goal-directed learning in the rat (european project ICEA aiming creating an artificial rat)
  • Robotic club of ENSTA for 3 years and participated twice to the French National Robotic Cup

Research interest

Home sweet home
  • Soft-/Middle-/Hard-ware architectures for robotics
  • (more or less) Bio-inspired cognitive architecture for Robots (or video-games agent...)
  • Master internship focused on various Reinforcment Learning models

Important stuff

  • I'am discovering with much delight aïkido
  • I enjoy skiing and hiking
  • I've dived a bit (but not latey),
  • I used to read a lot of SF but lack some "must" yet, like Robots of Azimov