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The CAN-USB interface
The CAN-USB interface schematics

Although the iCub comes with a custom quad-can interface card, for debugging it is sometime convenient to have an extra can bus interface: Yarp has a device driver for the ESD CAN bus mini controller.

The table below reports the details. See the bill of materials for exact quantities.

RobotCub code Description Manufacturer Manuf. code Supplier Suppl. Order code Suppl. Phone number Suppl. Email/Website
91 ESD - USB to CAN Interface, from USB 1.1 to 9-pole male DSUB, supply via USB, dimension 55x55x25 mm ESD C.2064.02 ESD C.2064.02 +49 511 372980 ESD Inc.

More information

Information about the Yarp device driver and motor control interface can be found in the software documentation. For example see:

  • Here for the Yarp device driver
  • Here for the motor control interface

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