CFW002 PC104 linux driver

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Files required to use the driver

Apart from the driver binary, some other files are required to load and use it




/lib/modules/${KERNEL_NAME}/iCubDrivers/cfw002/LinuxDriver/API/cfw002_api.h /lib/modules/${KERNEL_NAME}/iCubDrivers/cfw002/LinuxDriver/API/ /usr/lib/ (a symlink to the above file)



Startup scripts


#!/bin/bash -e
sudo mknod /dev/cfw002 c 280 0
sudo chmod 777 /dev/cfw002
sudo modprobe  firmware_class
sudo insmod /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/iCubDrivers/cfw002/LinuxDriver/cfw002.ko
exit 0


#!/bin/bash -e
# Set iCub speakers volume - to use only if iCub has cfw002
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/iCubDrivers/cfw002/LinuxDriver/tests/test_audio 6
exit 0