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The CFW-001 quad-can PC104 card

The PC104 electronics is completed by a CAN bus interface realized specifically for iCub (called CFW card).

CFW1 version comprises:

  • Four CAN bus ports
  • Two Firewire ports
  • Audio amplifier

CFW2 version comprises:

  • Ten CAN bus ports
  • Two Firewire ports
  • Audio amplifier

The CFW design and manual are in the SVN repository.

The major components of the CFW card are:

  • CAN chip: SJA 1000, (see data sheet here)
  • PCI-bridge: PLX chip (see data sheet here)
  • Firewire: Texas (see datasheet here)
  • Amplifiers (see datasheet here). For two electret condenser microphones see here

More information

  • The CFW card is part of a wider set of components that provides a Pentium CPU to the iCub (embedded).
    The table below reports the details. See the bill of materials for exact quantities.
RobotCub code Description Manufacturer Manuf. code Supplier Suppl. Order code Suppl. Phone number Suppl. Email/Website
163 SDCZ6-4096-E11, Sandisk - USB pen, 4GB Sandisk SDCZ6-4096-E11 Distrelec 865161 - Distrelec
90 PicoPSU-80-WI-32, Minibox - DC-DC ATX power supply unit, 14-32V, 80W PicoPSU-80-WI-32 PicoPSU-80-WI-32 - Mini-box
212 CK-PB945+, Embedded logic - Cable set for PC104 Motherboard PB945+ Embedded logic CK-PB945+ Sistemi avanzati elettronici CK-PB945+ +39 015 983206 Sistemi avanzati elettronici
208 PB945+T7400, Embedded logic - PC104 Motherboard PB-945+, with Celeron Core 2Duo 2,16 Mhz Embedded logic PB945+T740 Sistemi avanzati elettronici PB945+ T740 +39 015 983206 Sistemi avanzati elettronici

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