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iCub mounts two Dragonfly 2 cameras by PointGrey The table below reports the details. See the bill of materials for exact quantities.

RobotCub code Description Manufacturer Manuf. code Supplier Suppl. Order code Suppl. Phone number Suppl. Email/Website
DR2-03S2C-EX-CS DR2-03S2C-EX-CS, PointGrey - Videocam Dragonfly2 color extended version, 640x480, 1/3, CCD Point Gray Research DR2-03S2C-EX-CS PointGrey
DR2-03S2C-EX-CS - Point Gray Research
348 ACC-01-2004, PointGrey - Ultra thin firewire cable, 6-6 pin, L=300mm Point Gray Research ACC-01-2004 PointGrey
ACC-01-2004 - Point Gray Research
345 ACC-01-5001, PointGrey - M12 Micro Lens Holder with IR Filter support Point Gray Research ACC-01-5001 PointGrey
ACC-01-5001 - Point Gray Research
347 ACC-01-4000, PointGrey - Optics Micro Lens 4MM Point Gray Research ACC-01-4000 PointGrey
ACC-01-4000 - Point Gray Research
356 ACC-01-9000, PointGrey - Ribbon flat cable, 20 poles, 0.5mm Point Gray Research ACC-01-9000 PointGrey
ACC-01-9000 - Point Gray Research
217 82220-CAML12, Futura elettronica - Mini lens CAML 12, Focus 2.8mm, Aperture 2.0 FuturaElettronica 82220-CAML12 FuturaElettronica 82220-CAML12 +39 0331 799775 Futura elettronica

the Dragonfly 2 camera

More information

  • The cameras are available in kit version which must be purchased at least once to get the device drivers for Windows.

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