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Here there are more informations about commercial electronic parts manufacturers and suppliers.
The table below reports the details. See the bill of materials for exact quantities.

RobotCub code Description Manufacturer Manuf. code Supplier Suppl. Order code Suppl. Phone number Suppl. Email/Website
360 TTL-232R-3V3, FTDI - Converter cable from USB B to serial, L=350mm FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 Farnell 1329311 - Farnell
161 UPM1E222MHD, Nichicon - Elettrolithic Capacitor 2200uF, 25V, THD, Diam.12.5x18mm Nichicon UPM1E222MHD Farnell 8812519 - Farnell
427 DS18S20, Maxim - 1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer, TO-92 Maxim DS18S20 Farnell 9724761 - Farnell
57 ECOS1JP222BA, Panasonic - Elettrolithic Capacitor, 2200uF, 63V, 20%, THD, Diam.22x30mm Panasonic ECOS1JP222BA RS 127-509 - RS

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