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Specific of iCub drivers compilation

The RobotCub project has a directory $ICUB_ROOT/src/modules. The easiest way to merge it is by creating a file:


with the following content:

 SET(iCub_PATH "$ENV{ICUB_ROOT}/src/modules")

(this assumes ICUB_ROOT is set in your environment, and points to the iCub repository. You can merge in many bundles if you wish:

 SET(iCub_PATH "$ENV{ICUB_ROOT}/src/modules")
 SET(james_PATH "$ENV{JAMES_ROOT}/src/modules")

Run cmake (delete the cache!) to generate your project files. You should see a list of devices that can be enabled/disabled on request. Close cmake and compile yarp. Test that the new devices have been included in YARP by running:

 yarpdev --list

The names of the iCub devices should appear in the list.

If you run the INSTALL project headers, libraries and executables will be copied in the include, lib and bin folders under the directory pointed by the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable. CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX can be configured from the CMake GUI.