Device drivers

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In this section you find instructions to compile and install device drivers required to run the robot.

Code compilation on the pc104 is covered in Section 6.6.

You can install device drivers on your own machine by following instructions below.


Dragonfly cameras need the vendor's device driver in Windows or the firewire device drivers in Linux. See:

CAN bus

Proprietary device drivers for the esd can device:

  • plx device. This is available only for Linux. Since this device is used only on the pc104 we point you to Section 6.6.

Inertial Sensor

No special library is required. Just add the xsensmtx in iCub (as described in Section 6.6).

Face expressions

Facial expressions are controlled using serial and serialport modules in YARP, see instructions in Section 6.6.


Add portaudio to YARP as in Section 6.6.