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Depending on the operating system you are using, instructions in Section 6.1 "Prepare you system" have required you to set some environment variables. These depend on your system and your choices so we don't review them here. Just make sure you followed the instructions correctly.

YARP and iCub software require another couple of environment variables. This applies to all systems.

YARP_ROOT= point to where Yarp was unpacked (used by various applications)
YARP_DIR= typically points to YARP_ROOT (used by CMake) 
YARP_CONF= where the yarpserver configuration file can be stored
ICUB_ROOT= point to where iCub code was unpacked

New (since July 2009): if you have a robot, you also have to define:

 ICUB_ROBOTNAME= name of your robot (the directory in $ICUB_ROOT/app that stores your robot configuration files, without /conf)

In Linux and Mac OS X you do this using the "export" command. In the case of Linux it is a good idea to place them in your .bashrc file (or equivalent), in the case of Mac OS X you might want to place them in your .profile file (or equivalent). In Windows environment variables are in the System Properties tab in the Control Panel.

Append ICUB_DIR/bin and YARP_DIR/bin to your PATH

  • Hint for Linux and Mac OS X:
export PATH=$PATH:$YARP_DIR/bin:$ICUB_DIR/bin
  • Hint for Windows: check the current value of PATH in the control panel and extend it.

Important: YARP_ROOT and YARP_DIR have different meaning, although here they point to the same place. YARP_ROOT points to the location of the sources, YARP_DIR points to where you build your binaries. We here point them to the same place (cmake calls this in source build, in general they could be different).

Similar considerations apply to ICUB_ROOT and ICUB_DIR.