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To download the software you *probably* (see below) need a Subversion client (note, we moved from CVS to Subversion in August 2009).

Getting Subversion

  • Linux distributions come with an svn client already installed. In the worst case you just need to install one using the package manager (in Debian/Ubuntu apt-get install subversion).
  • In Windows you are free to pick any client you like. We suggest tortoisesvn, available from

If you are not familiar with svn we suggest at least you learn the basics. Some instructions are available from the sourceforge website:

A lot of more details (including a quick introduction) can be found instead here:

Important: the robotcub repository is now hosted by sourceforge. To commit changes to the repository you need a sourceforge account. Follow instructions at: Still in sourceforge, send an email to the robotcub project administrator to join the project.

Do I need Subversion?

Yes and no (but yes). You need Subversion to dowload and commit code to the repositories. At the moment you can download precompiled versions of YARP (we provide instructions for doing this in the appropriate sections of the manual). Precompiled versions of the RobotCub software are not available yet (although one day they will). So you definitely need Subversion to get the iCub code.

In any case using svn allows you to:

  • get the most updated version of the code
  • contribute to the iCub code by committing to the repository