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The correct title of this article is headTracker. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

Author: Lorenzo Natale and Francesco Nori

Track a visual target. Track a target with the eyes, while coordinating the neck so that the eyes moves to the center of the head. Useful for reaching (learning and performing reaching).

This module is not yet implemented for the iCub and this description is taken from the module implemented in James.

At present, this is envisaged as a very coarse-grained module. Ideally, this functionality will eventually be implemented by linking several 'smaller' YARP modules together (e.g. the > ones anticipated in C20-C30 ... component iCub capabilities, such as segmentation, gaze, vergence, etc..

Note that this module is more a 'salient object' tracker rather than a exclusively head tracker (e.g. the ports accessed below are created by the handLocalization module.

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Compiler & Linker Dependencies


Include files



YARP libs

Run-time Dependencies

Module arguments


Ports accessed

Ports that are assumed to exist prior to instantiation of the module (i.e. some other module must create them)


Ports created

Ports that are instantiated by the module and are then available for other modules to use (using yarp connect)


Input data files


Output data files


Configuration files


User interface mechanism

Run-time modification of module parameters None

OS on which the module was developed

Windows, Linux

OS on which the module was tested

Windows, Linux

Operating system dependencies


Example instantiation of the module

Run & port connection commands ???

iCub Capabilities

iCub capability code

C3 Learn to reach towards a fixation point

Other Yarp modules required to effect this capability


Example instantiation


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