How to make old and new build coexist

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While we finalize the transition between the old and new builds you can compile both at the same time.

Set ICUB_ROOT to the root of the repository. Set ICUB_DIR to $ICUB_ROOT/main/build

Compile the old build:

ccmake ./

Compile the new build:

ccmake $ICUB_ROOT/main

You should have binaries of the old build in $ICUB_ROOT/bin and binaries in the new build in $ICUB_DIR/bin. If you add both $ICUB_ROOT/bin and $ICUB_DIR/bin to your PATH you can use executable that are compiled on both builds. In case some modules result duplicated you can give the new modules priority by placing them first in the list of directories in the path, i.e.:

 export PATH=$PATH:$ICUB_DIR/bin:$ICUB_ROOT/bin