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At the moment this documentation refers only to code that interface to the hardware. If you do not have a can bus board or a dragonfly cameras connected to the machine you are using, skip this section.

To control the robot you need to add to YARP some of the devices from the iCub repository ($ICUB_ROOT/src/modules).

1) Compile os device drivers, following instructions here.

2) Follow the instructions here.

3) Then, run cmake and enable the following variables:

  • ENABLE_icubmod_canmotioncontrol, compiles canmotioncontrol device (required by ecan or pcan)
  • ENABLE_icubmod_ecan, compiles ecan device (needed if you have a esd canbus board)
  • ENABLE_icubmod_pcan, compiles pcan device (needed if you have a "plx canbus board")
  • ENABLE_icubmod_dragonfly, compiles the dragonfly device (if you have firewire cameras)
  • ENABLE_icubmod_icubarmcalibrator, compiles icubarmcalibrator device
  • ENABLE_icubmod_icubheadcalibrator, compiles icubheadcalibrator device
  • ENABLE_icubmod_icublegscalibrator, compiles icublegscalibrator device

These devices are not required on all machines, precisely: canmotioncontrol, ecan/pcan and the calibrators need to be compiled on the machine(s) that have the canbus boards. dragonfly is required on the machine that has the cameras

To check that you have compiled the devices correctly run

  yarpdev --list

and check that the devices you wish are correctly listed there.

Devices required to run iCub