ICub software architecture version 0.4

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The correct title of this article is iCub software architecture version 0.4. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

latest version of the iCub software architecture

ICub software architecture v0.4.jpg


  • Current salience becomes visualSalience
  • Deleted connection from soundLocalization to attectionSelection
  • Deleted connection from colour to egoSphere
  • Deleted connection from motion to egoSphere
  • Added new auralFiltering module, e.g. timbre, pitch, intensity, ..., as placeholders for future developments
  • Added new auralSalience, as a placeholder for a future development
  • Added connection from auralFiltering to auralSalience
  • Added a connection from auralSalience to egoSphere
  • Added a connection from auralSalience to soundLocalization, as a placeholder for future developments