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The James robot is a humanoid robot being developed at LIRA-Lab, University of Genoa. This is a page of notes-to-self for the developers.

Demonstration video

James preprogrammed grasping (March 2006) -- The 23 degree of freedom humanoid robot James grasps an object in a pre-programmed position. A short video showing the flexibility of the embedded controller

James1.avi (DivX, ~52Mb) from liralab website

Software motor control

For the purposes of software control, James robot has two main "parts":

  • Head - joints include:
    • 0 - eye tilt divergence
    • 1 - eye pan divergence
    • 2 - eye common tilt
    • 3 - eye common pan
    • 4 - neck pan
    • (other joints that Paul is not using right now)
  • Arm

Reaching Data Set

Sensor data from James has been used to create Reaching Data Sets on which machine learning techniques can be applied. These data sets deal with the 'Reaching' problem, i.e. orienting the head in the direction of its reaching arm.