Julio Gomes

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Scientific stuff

- Just finished my Engineering Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisboa, Portugal). Logo.jpg

- Final project building a 3D scanner based on vision (home use), and "Vision Mouse" for full replacement of the conventional mouse

- Worked in research on "Home Entertainment Systems" at Siemens.

- Currently working at Vislab (Computer Vision Lab - IST/ISR), in the Robot-cub project, mainly dedicated to the wonderfull YARP :) performing the beautifull art of programming

- Simultaneously i've worked with robot navigation, neural networks and artificial intelligence

Other interests


- I have the most intense passion for music

- I dive :) the dolphins picture you see was taken at Azore's Islands

- I build some rf models (last one built was a 2 meter of wing span glider)

- Soccer! "Oh Portugal olé!"

Contact: gomes.julio@gmail.com