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The open call robot comes with a standard network installation. Some users prefer to customize the network configuration of the pc104 depending on the network they use.

You need a dhcp and dns server.

We provide a debian live system configured with dhcp. By configuring the dhcp server on the network it should be possible to make the live work (I hope...). This is what you should do:

  • using a static ip debian live (e.g. the open call version), log in and get the mac address of your pc104 nic
  • configure your dhcp server to reserve an ip for the pc104
  • at boot the pc104 mounts a directory from icubsrv:/exports/code-pc104. Configure your dns so that icubsrv resolves to your server ip (you should have one)

If your dhcp server is configured to provide ip and dns server (and domain suffix); this should work. Burn the dhcp image and reboot the pc104.