MoBeE installation

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Installing dependencies

Solution tested (and working) on Ubuntu 12.04, probably work in a similar way for other distributions/platforms

Installing SOLID

Download the source tarball for *nix: (for Windows, download the file
Install it in the standard unix way: ./configure && make && sudo make install

Installing QT4

In Ubuntu 12.04, is sufficient to install the libqt4-dev package: sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev

If anything goes wrong who shall I contact?!?!

Drop us an email either at or

Installing MoBeE

The MoBeE development is done in the IM-CLeVeR project repository. Snapshots are also updated and published in the iCub SVN repository (after revision 19519) under:


(The source is also available here: (older version still named VirtualSkin) )

Install it using cmake ./ && make && make install

Check if MoBeE is working

To test if everything is working, start yarpserver and the icub simulator, and start the PositionReflex program in the bin subdirectory of the virtualSkin directory
./PositionReflex --robot ../xml/icubSim2.xml --visualize

The --robot option loads a robot kinematic model from an xml file, icub and icubSim models are provided (also a Katana robotic arm model). The model is driven by the motor encoder readouts from the robot specified in the xml file.

The --visualize option loads a QT/GL visualization of the model, highlighting collisions in red. It should look like this (without the boxes most likely): MoBeE-shot.png

Now, try to make a self collision on the icub (for example using robotMotorGui), the robot should react and avoid the contact