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ODE Drawstuff Dependencies (Obsolete)

As of July 2008, the simulator dependency on the ODE drawstuff library has been removed.

These notes are for reference to previous versions only.

Note for Windows users

After you generate the project (and everytime you do it), add:


to the list of source and include files respectively. This avoid the "could not create accelerators" run-time problem.

Drawstuff libraries (Linux)

When using the ODE library zip (ode-src-0.9.zip) from the ODE website, the drawstuff header files do not get copied to the correct directory. To resolve this:

cp -r <ODE Source Dir>/include/drawstuff <Install Dir>/include

Where <ODE Source Dir> is where you unpacked the source code, and <Install Dir> is (usually) /usr/local

ode 0.10 & 0.9 do not install the drawstuff library either - this can be done as follows:

 cp <ODE Source Dir>/drawstuff/src/.libs/libdrawstuff.* <Install Dir>/lib/

NOTE: Very soon the drawstuff dependencies will be removed as the new simulator uses SDL for drawing.