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You can still find the official webpage of the networking session at ICT from here.

The iCub and friends forum

Giorgio at the RobotCub stand at ICT2008
Peter at the RobotCub stand at ICT2008

November 26th, time: 11.00 to 12.30.


Click on the presentation titles to download the slides in PDF format

11.00: Giorgio Metta, Introduction about the RobotCub project

RobotCub coordinator
University of Genoa and Italian Institute of Technology

11.15: Peter Dominey, Spoken Language Interaction and Cooperation with the iCub

Human and Robot Cognitive Systems Group
INSERM U 846 Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute, Lyon

11.30: Vincent Padois, MACSi : Motor, Adaptive and Cognitive Scaffolding for iCub

Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris

11.45: Giorgio Metta, Open Source discussion and possibilities for collaboration with the iCub

12.00: Q&A

12.30: End of session

Report (to be completed)

The networking session was attended by approximately 15 people.