Ricardo Nunes

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Electronic and Telecommunications Technician



Currently working at VisLab (Computer Vision Lab @ ISR/IST), as electronic technician in the Robot-cub project

Robotcub Head

Menino is the IST (Technical University of Lisbon) Head design by us, for the RobotCub Project. It is composed by: a binocular head with 6 degrees of freedom (DOFs) - left vergence, right vergence, eye tilt, neck pan, neck tilt and neck swing.


   * 2 Firewire Cameras - Point Grey Dragonfly (Extended version).
   * XSens Inertial Sensor.
   * 2 Microphones.
   * Encoders at all joints.


   * 6 Faulhaber Motors controlled with JRKERR control boards.

Hardware Architecture

Menino is controlled by PC104. The main PC104 board is equipped with extra firewire inputs and gigabit ethernet board (ip

Contact: rnunes@isr.ist.utl.pt