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Tell us impressions

Giorgio says: The best Summer School ever! See you at dinner.

Malin says: Wow! My head is full of newly found knowledge on so many levels - not to mention tons of 'crazy' ideas and motivation. Awesome 10 days - thanks to all of you!

Vincent says: "Nice and creative people" + "Dedicated organizers" + "Perfect location" + "Wonderful robot and software" = VVV08. Thanks for this well balanced summer school.

Stéphane, downloading Ubuntu, says: A really wonderful experience for my first summer school ! Great team, great robot and also great food ^^ I hope that I'll be able to come back next year !

Martin: "Absolutely loved it. I had a really great time + learned a lot + met many amazing people. Thanks to all participants for making it such a perfect even!!! Hopefully, I will see you again."

Giacomo: Great experience! I really enjoyed accessing such advanced robots, and working together with great guys. The location was beautiful too.

Baris: Everything was just great, many thanks to both organizers and participants... See you all in the next "ROBCLUB Summer Scool"!

Andrea says: I agree with you all... I learned so much in this school! For example that french people can be humourous and nice, that programming can be a philosophy of life, that a robot is a big puppet that gets bored all day long, that matteo's ball tracking algorithm is the most versatile and that you can still be an engineer and try not to lose all your hair... thank you all guys!

Serge says: I also agree with all the statements above - it's been really brilliant! Great people with amazing amounts of knowledge/insights/wisdom between them, great school, great location. Hope to see you again! :)

Alexis says: Such an amazing time with such wonderful people! Interesting discussions, helpful and giving people and an awesome location. :) Thanks everyone! It was a good time living deeply and intensively, just what I needed! I hope to see you again soon. Pura vida!

Matteo says: It was an exciting experience, I loved meeting all you cool people and working/swimming/having fun with you. Plus, it was amazing that we were able to put all the pieces together and make the iCub grasp the ball. I can't wait to be with you again.