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"Kibitzer (n): One who looks on and offers unwanted, usually meddlesome advice to others."

In this project, you have access to sensor readings from our robots, but don't yet have access to motor control. So you can see from the robot's body, but you can't influence its actions. The goal of this project is to build a basic perceptual module for the robot, such as an object tracker. That's the next project: The Controller!

You are quite free in what you do for this project. Here are some suggestions:

Object tracking

Build a tracker to follow objects in the robot's field of view, and make suggestions as to how the robot should turn its head. Those suggestions won't actually get carried out yet - but that'll be the next step.


Attention system

Write a problem that detects motion or bright objects and decides what part of the scene is important to look at. For example, you could assume a static, unmoving camera, and subtract each image from the camera from the previous one to find areas of change.


Person finder

Try to find people any which way you can!

Eg-skin.jpg Eg-skin2.jpg

Finding green things

If you've never done any image processing, a good way to get started is to find the greenest thing in the image and put a circle around it.

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