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About ORC

ORC is a framework developed by CEA-list and used in ISIR to develop whole-body controllers and run simulations with XDE. It is not open-souce. ISIR has enhanced the framework building its own ORCISIR, which is used for the design of whole-body controllers for robots like iCub and KUKA LWR.

For any problems with the installation ask Serena Ivaldi, Joseph Salini, Sovannara Hak. For the license ask Vincent Padois.



We hereby assume you have Ubuntu 12.04.


  • boost
  • eigen3
  • some unsupported files of eigen3

To install the first two, simply do:

  sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libeigen3-dev

To install the eigen3 unsupported files, we suggest to download them from CODYCO's extern dependencies (here in github). ORC uses pkgconfig to find eigen3, and assumes the external files to be already in eigen3. But those unsupported files are not included in the classical installation of eigen3. So the quickest solution is to copy these files in the include directory of eigen3.

  cd $CODYCO_ROOT/extern/eigen_unsupported
  sudo cp -r * /usr/include/eigen3/unsupported/Eigen

and to modify eigen3.pc to tell pkgconfig that there are more files to include.

  sudo nano /usr/share/pkgconfig/eigen3.pc

then add the unsupported file in the Cflags:

  Cflags: -I/usr/include/eigen3 -I/usr/include/eigen3/unsupported



Go in the directory where you put ORC (for example /home/icub/software/src/orc_framework), let us call it $ORC_ROOT. The installation is the usual:

  cd $ORC_ROOT
  mkdir build
  cd build
  ccmake ..
  make install

If the installation is successful, ORC will install


which is the files that will be used by pkgconfig during the installation of ORCISIR, and


In our case, we install everything as usual in /home/icub/software, so we have: